How can I enjoy salad?!

Question: How can I enjoy salad?
Hey guys :) I was just wondering is there anything that would make salad more enjoyable for me, i hate salad and all vegetables but i want to be healthier (i am already healthy but i would like veg in my diet to) So i just wanted to know if you know anything i could put with or on the salad that would make it nice for me to eat and btw i dont like salad cream! :)... nothing to vegetably if u know what i mean haha! Thankyou :)


Something simple maybe? I like iceberg lettuce, garlic croutons and zesty Italian dressing. If you don't like creamy dressings, try Italian.

Maybe shread some cold chicken strips too.

Salad can be a bit boring on its own, you definately need some sort of dressing. There are loads of ready made dressings you can buy so you can usually find something to suit your taste and maybe eat it with some mayonnaise or even coleslaw or potato salad? Supermarkets also have lots of ready made salads with added bits and pieces you might like, why don't you try a few.

I love salad but rarely just eat it on its own, more to accompany whatever I'm having. So just have what you really like to eat and eat a bit of side salad with it, there is usually a salad that will go with whatever you are eating.

Apparently if you eat something 5 times your brain learns to like it. Don't ask me where I heard that but it's possibly right...

Add things to it that you like eating - tiny meatballs, thin slices of cheese, pasta, chopped boiled eggs, nuts, a few chips, or cubes of chicken. I don't like salad dressing, so I add what I mentioned.

If you want a salad you must get a book that tell you how to prepare a nice salad.and you will fallow the instruction a make your salad. You will like it cause it is professional salad.

add things you like eating maybe some shredded chicken extra croutons...its up to you you might also want to experiment with different maybe balsamic,or a mixture of lemon salt vinegar olive oil, stuff like that

Try this salad its the best,…

Try different dressings on your salads to thers so much you can do

Maybe you would like tacos. They contain lettuce, tomatoes and salsa as well as chicken or beef and cheese. You get an entree and salad in one good item that most people like.

Add Lemon, Salt, Olive Oil and a bit of vinegar, makes all the difference.

Bye trying different things out on your salad

My cousins head

romaine lettuce,carrots,cheese,croutons I only love these four simple things in my salad easy and fat free

Put some curry on top of salad. :)

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