What is the proper way to throw away used cooking grease?!

Question: What is the proper way to throw away used cooking grease?
I heard that you cannot throw it down the sink because it can mess up the garbage disposal. Do I throw it away in the dirt in my backyard?


To throw it away, carefully pour it into a strong sealable container, such as an old plastic jar with a lid

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If it is the type that solidifies when cool, allow it to cool then scrape it into your trash can and discard with the trash; If not, put in a used container, then throw in the trash. I use the container it came in. Dumping it in your backyard isn't the best solution as it might eventually wash into a waterway or will remain in the dirt, become rancid, and attract pests. Spilling it down the drain (aside from ruining your garbage disposal) messes up your pipes and also reaps havoc on your municipalities' water recycling system.

well i have always been throwing my grease down the sink and i had no problems with it but if your a really careful person, just put it in a sealed container, like an old plastic jar. but if i were you i'd reused that oil for about 2 more times just to save money

my head and ehow

when I have a huge pot of oil.. what I do is put a cup of Tide in the oil.. then turn on the faucet to hot, let the pot with oil and tide bubble up , then rince it down the sink.. seems to work for me.. have done this method for 10years and no pipe trouble or disposal trouble yet..

pour it in a bowl, let it cool and harden and then scrape it into the garbage.

i do this.

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