what the hell is up with the Tuna lately?!

Question: What the hell is up with the Tuna lately?
I bought 10 cans of bumble bee chunk white albacore tuna and got 10 cans of water with little bits of tuna???? what the heck is going on here??


Write or call the company and they will send you coupons for replacement cans. Any company will do that, especially one as large as Bumble Bee. They will be grateful to know what batch their quality control was shot on.

It can pay to let companies know about their products. It helps them make better products, so they love to send out coupons when you call to complain or compliment them.

I eat tuna and mostly go for the solid white albacore. I find the chunk tuna does flake but your case sounds extreme. I would definitely follow the other answerers advice about contact Bumble Bee and explaining the problem to them. The e-mail address is www.bumblebee.com or google Bumble Bee to find customer service.

Sounds as though you are not buying the most premium brand available to you. Might be a good thing, tuna are in decline. I doubt there will be canned tuna in 10 years.

I don't really eat tuna fish but I had that happen and sometimes other chunky was not so chunky at all.

That's crap. Buy solid white albacore.

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