Why do I go crazy over jello?!

Question: Why do I go crazy over jello?
I don't know why? But when ever I eat a cup of Jello. I just can't seem to stop eating it! I eat one cup, then another. Until I guess it's all gone or i had enough. Why is Jello so good and I can't stop eating it?


I feel the same way about roast beef. Although I don't just keep going until I run out of meat. I'm not a fan of jello, though.

And now I really want a steak.

it's probably because JELLO IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME.!!!!!!!!! It's a solid AND a liquid AT THE SAME TIME! How much better can a food get.!

Enjoy! Rest assured, there are other FAR WORSE things to be "crazy" for!

That'll be 5-cents, please.

wtf is jello?


You're addicted to it like I am root beer lol

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