How to make jam using grape juice as an alternative for sugar?!

Question: How to make jam using grape juice as an alternative for sugar?

With summer just around the corner I'm interested in making jam. I heard that grape juice can be used as a sweetener as opposed to sugar, for more healthier ingredients.

Is this feasible?


Grape juice is mostly sugar - fructose. Fructose is no more healthier than sucrose, which is granulated table sugar. Sucrose is a disaccharide molecule made of one glucose and one fructose.

The real reason that products use fruit juice (particularly apple juice concentrate) instead of granulated cane sugar or high-FRUCTOSE corn syrup is because so many people are ignorant and easily fooled into the LIE that a product is low in sugar because it has "NO SUGAR ADDED". It can have exactly the same amount of sugar, or more, when the sugar is hidden from another source.

It would be like advertising bacon as "no added fat", or salt as "sugar free", or sugar as "no salt or cholesterol." It's a shell game. They are diverting attention away from what it DOES have that's unhealthy by trying to draw attention to what it DOESN'T have.

add marmite and put it in the microwave

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