How bad is it to eat a whole can of black olives?!

Question: How bad is it to eat a whole can of black olives?


I used to love hominy - - I would eat a whole can also - barfed - retched for several minuets
couldn't stand even the smell of them for years
they are still delicious but - I eat only what is served in a salad
IF you eat in moderation there is no fear of any ridiculous sodium overload
Children seem to love whole pitted olives - one on each finger - - I never saw a child indulge as you describe yourself

Erin, you're a girl after my own heart! But in my case, it is Kalamata olives. I eat a whole jar at the time. I have done this for ages and I am still here, so I guess it hasn't done me too much harm! But I do love them, and just one or two isn't enough.

In fact, now you mention it, excuse me a minute...

I can put almost a whole can of black olives on a large pizza, because I love black olives. Sodium wise, I would say not too wise. I try to keep the blood pressure down and that is not the way to do it.

Mama say

Yes you should drink lots of water. My son ate a whole can once and he vomited all night.

It's not bad, but you better know where the bathrooms are.

very as they are extremely high in sodium. Better drink a lot of water to flush it out!

how do you stand it? i dislike olives

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