how can i start liking oatmeal? or what are other good breakfasts like that?!

Question: How can i start liking oatmeal? or what are other good breakfasts like that?
everyone says oatmeal is the best breakfast. my family loves it. i HATE it. the taste, the smell, the way it looks. yuck! i don't even like oatmeal cookies.
i wanna like oatmeal because i'm trying to be more healthy, and lose weight. but i always find it that if i don't like the taste of food, i never get full. so it's not like i can hold my nose and eat it like i would medicine.

i'm 18 years old and i'm an average weight. but i always skip breakfast and i need a good, healthy breakfast.

by the way, i'm OCD for health so i don't eat bacon, eggs, or ham. too much cholesterol. and egg whites have no flavor =/. i eat cheese though


You can learn to like almost anything if you want to. The trick is to taste it often and in different preparations, small amounts, just a teaspoon each time. Jeffery Steingarten, food critic for Vogue, says you have to try it at least eight times. I learned to like some strange stuff when I first became a chef, because I had to taste things whether I liked it or not. Try salt on your oatmeal. I don't like oatmeal either, the texture is nasty.

Actually, cheese in oatmeal makes it very savory. I've started making oatmeal for my elderly mom with brown sugar, maple syrup and a bit of butter. She loves it. Pretty easy to like the gummy stuff if you add enough condiments! I wrote the below article about this. See more ideas here:…

If you still hate it and have a box left over, here's some creative ways to use oatmeal besides eating it:…

Try oatmeal sweetened with honey.Add cinnamon,chopped nuts,dried fruit,etc.If you really want to be healthy you should eat a lot of eggs.The only thing bad about bacon and ham is too much salt,They have low sodium versions which are good.
Don't fall for those myths that say this or that is bad for you.As long as you eat natural foods you'll be okay.

Oat meal is better when made with milk instead of water. You can put fruit in it such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas.

at vaneslla soy milk(it taste grat and makes it even more healthy) add butter brown sugar and you can even add fruits:)

Grate some cheese on the oatmeal.

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