what are some meals that i can take to school that won't spoil in a couple of hours?!

Question: What are some meals that i can take to school that won't spoil in a couple of hours?

Wholemeal pasta, tuna, and sweetcorn mixed with a low fat salad cream. Stays fresh all day in a normal plastic container tastes great, healthy and can be made in ten mins perfect for morning rush.

Been eating it since my school days (",)

no food spoils in a couple of hours and folks been taking sandwiches and all kinds of things in a lunch box to eat in a few hours without getting sick.
if you think that it will be longer or you want stuff that is kept cold, like chicken salad or things you prefer hot, like a hotdish, there are many insulated thermos wide mouth containers and insulated lunch bags available at stores. Any department store will have these things.
Construction workers, farmers, road crews have been carrying lunch buckets for years with all kinds of food in there. Thats why there are many options and equipment to do that.

Do you have an insulated lunch cooler bag? You can use a small "blue ice" pack to keep your food cold in an insulated lunch bag. Also, Thermos makes different sizes of containers that can keep hot foods hot for 4 hours and cold foods cold for 5 or 6 hours. With a lunch bag, thermos and/or blue ice pack, your options for lunch meals are endless!

One trick I do, is make food that is good after its been frozen. Put it in tuperware, freeze it, bring it to work and it will still be cold/safe to eat (sometimes it will still be frozen in the middle)

good things to freeze: pastas, rices, noodles

pasta or leftovers from dinner. pizza,chicken. I bring french bread with pepperoni on top. It is good. whatever you like that is easy to pack in a tupperware will be great.


If you have a lunch box you should be fine. That will keep most things fresh.

I fill mine with sandwiches and they're lovely




Any fresh fruit....



All can be kept warm/cold with the right things...

Good luck !!!

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