How can I convince a woman to make me a sandwich?!

Question: How can I convince a woman to make me a sandwich?
I am hungry, and i would like one. But she won't make me one. So ive turned to the internet, GO!


Go to Subway, or some other sandwich shop. Only order if the sandwich makers there at the moment are women. You can get whatever kind of sandwich you want off the menu and it will be hand made, for you, by a woman.

Tell her you will rip out the hearts of her youngest relatives and then drink the blood from the remains, works every time!

Also, you should buy her a pen, here's a great site: Pen if that doesn't work then you should sell your soul to lucifer

My poor dead me

Ask her nicely to please make you one. Chances are she will make you one if you are watching the game and don't want to miss something. If you are just plain lazy to make your own then I guess you go hungry!

Ask nicely and offer to do something nice for her in return. Like rub her back or her feet. Or better yet, make your own dang sandwich or go buy one if you really can't function in the kitchen.

Why don't you make a sandwich for yourself and ask her if she would like you to make one for her? Love is a two way street.

TELL HER IF SHE DONT MAKE YOU A FREAKING SANDWICH YOU WILL BUTT RAPE HER! AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY EITHER! could always make it yourself...but i like choice one bettr..>:)

woman beater

<<SUDO make me a sandwich>>

tech office at the physics department

Buy her a diamond necklace first then you can talk tuna fish.

This has to a joke. Terri Jo Lorz

Terri Jo lorz

..............and you think the internet is going to make you one? What's wrong with you? Your arms broken?

You could say please and/or pay them. Women tend to make sandwhiches for men they love and value only.

shouldn't this be in the dating section?

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