Anyone got a recipe for a cheese-free broccoli or cauliflower bake?!

Question: Anyone got a recipe for a cheese-free broccoli or cauliflower bake?

You could substitute a vegan cheese from the grocery or health food store.

I would use both together in this recipe as well as separate on different days if she likes it. Good luck. My family taste tested and wants more!

Vegetable Yum-Yum (my granddaughter named it)

Things you'll need
Handful fresh dill (OPTIONAL) You can use fresh parsley or dried parsley as a substitute.
1 large lemon OR 1/3 cup REAL lemon juice
1 Tbs. mustard (brown or dijon if you have it)
Dash of salt
Dash of pepper
1 Tbs. soy sauce
1 small tub regular or light sour cream
1 package frozen broccoli or cauliflower, defrosted and steamed or parboiled and drained


Place a handful of fresh dill or parsley (OPTIONAL) on a cutting board. Chop the dill finely by rocking a chef's knife back and forth over the herb. Push the dill into a pile and continue to chop until a fine consistency is met. Do not use dry dill as a substitute.


Squeeze the juice from one large lemon into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon over a sieve to catch any seeds and large pulp. Add the chopped dill to the lemon juice.


Mix in the mustard, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Start by adding the basic amount of each ingredient. Add more of each of the ingredients as desired. Go easy on the salt as soy sauce has a high sodium content.


Scoop the sour cream out of the container and add it to the lemon mixture. Use a wire whisk to combine all of the ingredients. Whisk the sauce until it is very smooth and contains no lumps of sour cream.


Fold into warm vegetable;e of choice and serve.

Remember my name and send me a message if she enjoys the YumYum

If you are dairy intolerant there is a fake cheese called cheesly which is just as good when cooking

Just boil it?

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