Does anyone know how the tim hortons chicken soup is made?!

Question: Does anyone know how the tim hortons chicken soup is made?
It is honestly the tastiest chicken soup ive ever had. would honestly not be surprised if they put cocaine in it, because i find myself not able to have just 1.

i would really appreciate it if anyone knew the recipe, or if some kind of trade secret, maybe email it to me? thanks in advance


they make chicken stock using the chicken carcasses and bones and veggie peelings just like your grandma or other great chefs and myself. Try making your own chicken soup. I make it frequently and I use 3 bulbs of garlic for a 2 gallon batch of soup, a chicken - fresh organic, fresh herbs, fresh veggies - using the peelings for the stock portion and the chopped veggies for the soup.

for about $15 you can make 2 gallons or 8 litres of homemade soup and share it with friends. The leftover chicken meat from the breasts can be made into clubhouse sandwiches or a curry chicken sandwich or a chicken waldorf salad. MMMMM

Like all large company's' THL has a central commissary in Oakville ON, near Kerr St, for years they used a product made by Campbell's for the cafeteria market, but have seen started making there own.

There is no real secret, accept like all made like that the noodles are cooked in the soup, a small amount of starch is added, this keeps everything from going to the bottom of the tureen.

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