am i the only one who....?!

Question: Am i the only one who....?
uses tomato juice instead of tomato sauce and/or paste in their chili?


No way!!! Yum, yum!! I prefer a thinner, soupy sauce in my chili too, thick sauces are too much for me personally. Your dad's recipe sounds DELISH!!! Do you mind if I stop around for tea some day??!!
Hope this helped xxx

No,because I have used tomato juice instead of paste or sauce. The big problem with doing this is the difference in viscosity and the difference in taste. Tomato juice is generally not made from the same kind of tomatoes as the other products and each has its own individual taste and texture. I only substitute when I have absolutely NO other choice.

65 plus years of growing tomatoes,canning them and also using the commercial tomato products.

Not just no, but "HELL NO!!"

I'd lay my cane between the ears of anyone who approached my chili pot with pasta in hand!!! If I didn't shoot them or mince them up to add to the sausage.

Never used the tomato juice i chili and probably won't.

I'm sure you like your Dad's Chili, it is what you grew up eating. Don't be offended if I or other folks turn up our noses at it.

Doc Hudson

I have used tomato juice and chicken broth! It's so good in chili... and I too don't like my chili thick. I like it more like a stew with lots of veggies. I also like to add a bag of trader joe's frozen corn... so yummy.

Think I'm gonna make that for dinner tonight. Yippeee!

I don't use sauce or paste- I go with diced tomatoes or stewed tomatoes. I don't think I'd use tomato juice because I like my chili to be pretty thick. I do use V-8 for several of my soups and stews.

No sir/mam (can't tell your gender by your username being UGH!) That is really normal, you are just trying new things, which is good.

Probably not because I know in a pinch i have done the same when I was out of the sauce.

Your not the only one i mean its alright that you are using tomato juice instead. c:

I don't use tomato juice, paste or sauce. I use real tomatoes.

You put pasta in your chili?

I've done that. Personally, I like my chili to be thin and soupy.

no... my mum always use tomato juice to make food.. like some chinese food.. and believe me.. it taste better :D

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