Describe your perfect cookie!?!

Question: Describe your perfect cookie!?
I'm going to make cookies!! but want them to be guurrd!! so would like to get a general idea on what type would be the nicest...thanks!! xxx


warm, fresh from the oven. left to cool, but not for too long. then, they will have a sugary crunchy shell with a delicous soft centre, and gooey, melted chocolate chips. good quolity ingredients and equipment - and a good, skilled chef. perfect. x

i bake cookies, alot.

I use duncan hines choc chip cookie mix and add a small box of instant chocolate pudding to it adjusting the butter/oil amount a little to make up for the extra dry ingredient.
There are never any left.

Sugar free, gluten free.

Crispy edges, chewy middle.

Chocolate-y, or coconutty, or peanutty. Or cherry. Or all flavors.

I like cookies.

I loooove shortbread! It mustn't be to hard in the centre or burnt at the bottom and it must have a very fine grain sugar!

aaaaah there goes my diet...I'm going to bake now lol


Peanut. Butter.

But it has to be the real stuff!

It doesn't get any better than that, let me tell you.

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