What kind of peanutbutter should I use when baking peanutbutter cookies?!

Question: What kind of peanutbutter should I use when baking peanutbutter cookies?
Should I use peanutbutter that is just peanuts and salt -- the kind you need to stir (the kind that has no added oils and sugar)? Or should I use the more common kind, like Skippy? And would you recommend creamy or chunky? Thanks...


The conventional kind is fine, its your preference.

I prefer either Jiffy or Skippy Creamy! Makes cookies the best. I have found using the no junk added often results in broken cookies, or noone wanting seconds!

Been a fan of cooking cookies for 18 yrs now. Since I was old enough to enter my grandmother's kitchen!

Take some peanut butter cups and extract the peanut butter from them, the Reeses Peeses ones are already sweetened and you wont have to add any sugar to the recipe.

I recommend creamy.

Any brand.

It does not really matter to me what kind I use.

It is a personally taste.


I use Jiff on a daily basis but if I'm making cookies I hate to wast the expensive stuff! So I will get like Kroger brand crunchy. But creamy is great all depends if you want a little pensut crunch in your cookie.

My mom bought this big tub of cheap peanut butter one time. The only way it was palatable was baked into cookies.

Personally, I would go with the chunky generic natural kind. THAT is what my mom used to use, only they did not have chunky then, only smooth and yes, it was a chore and a half to mix in the oil that surfaced but us kids did THAT if we wanted any cookies... so my mom would finely chop peanuts that us kids shelled. AND all we had in the 50's when I was a kid WAS all natural! I think Skippy came into being when I was about 10 years old. You ARE aware that Skippy, Gif and others use added vegetable oil, right? Which is why they are so soft and spreadable? Anyway... My mom DID add a bit of sugar though as I recall. Finally, she added M&M's so there were 3 or 4 per 3" diameter cookie. When Halloween came around, she tripled the size of the cookies and added chopped nuts on top and more M&M's accordingly. Still, I would go with the natural peanut butter, and chop your own peanuts if they do not have a chunky style. When I was in the Navy, the cooks used to pour off the oil! Can you believe it? Idiots... All except for one, the head cook and bottle washer on the first submarine I was on, who KNEW to mix it in like my mom had taught me... After that, idiots... I'd go into the stores myself (totally against the rules) and open a new can when I had the chance. One last thing, my mom did not chop the nuts, she used a rolling pin. She had these wire cooling racks that she would turn upside down which made a spacer about 1/8" tall and she rolled the peanuts with a rolling pin. The wire rack kept from crushing the nuts completely into a paste. My mom taught me to cook. Shtarted me on learning when I was 8 years old in Cub Scouts. I sort of naturally fell into it. It turns out I was a fast learner. To this day. I probably could have gone professional if I concentrated on it a little more. As it is, I play a gifted amateur. BUT! I have been better in the kitchen than ANY of my several Lady Friends that have graced my life, except for one... the one who got away... who enjoys being in the kitchen just as much as I do.

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