quick question about egg beaters?!

Question: Quick question about egg beaters?
it says to use pam spray so it won't stick
could i use olive oil, or i can't believe it's not butter instead? i'm out of pam spray

i'm watching my calories but i'm more watching fat and cholesterol which egg beaters claim to not have. i just want an omelette inside of a bagel.. should i add cheese or is that uneccasary? i'm not overweight btw just watching my weight 115 lbs


Dont use a beagle. Use whole wheath bread instead. it has less calories but it does have lots of fiber. and yes put cheese it makes it taste way better but try to look for a low fat cheese. and yes olive oil will work perfectly.

You can use any "non stick" product or ingredient including olive oil.

You can add cheese if you would like but it isn't necessary. Your choice

Don't forget salt and pepper

tut tut

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