What happens if you replace vanilla extract with almond extract in a recipe?!

Question: What happens if you replace vanilla extract with almond extract in a recipe?
Common sense would say that your cake would taste like almonds instead of vanilla. Is that true, or would something else happen to it too?

What if a recipe calls for both of them but you only use one?


Nothing else happens besides the flavor change. Because the almond extract is a more pronounced flavor, I sometimes use half as much as a recipe said for vanilla.

Congratulations, your common sense is in good operating order. Yes, all that happens is that the flavour changes from vanilla to almond. That's all. They are just flavourings and have no effect on anything but flavour. You could leave either or both out of a cake or anything else.

It's perfectly fine to do that. The only thing that will happen is your dish will taste delicious!!! You can pretty much substitute almost any extract in a recipe with one you like a little bit more, most of them have the same ingredients other than different flavors.

I always replace vanilla with almond it gives it a way better taste!

I own a bakery

Vanilla extract is a flavor enhancer; omitting it will have little effect on your recipe.

It will only change the flavor and should be fine.

Right, it's just a matter of taste.

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