Does anyone have a recipe for a cake called a bible verse cake?!

Question: Does anyone have a recipe for a cake called a bible verse cake?
The ingredients were found in different verses of the bible.A friend had eaten one made by a 95yr. old lady who has since passed, so it must be a very old recipe. I'd love to be able to fix it for Easter.


I haven't made it before, so I can't vouch for the recipes, but here are a couple links:

Do you mean from The Cake Bible? There are tons of cakes in that book, so virtually impossible to find the exact one you want. My suggestion would be to get a copy of the book from the library and have a look at some you like. I doubt you'll find the exact one you are looking for. Similarly, it could have been the lady's version of a cake from the book, if that's the case then unfortunately it's passed away with her.

I don't know about a "cake" made from verses of the bible, but I do have a cookie recipe geared for Easter. It is also great for making with kids. If you would like the recipe, please feel free to email me for it. email address is:
Just put in Easter cookie recipe in the subject line. =)

is this the one that you are looking for?…

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