Can I make tomatoe puree with a mixer?!

Question: Can I make tomatoe puree with a mixer?
I want to make homemade tomato soup. The recipie calls for pureee tomatoes in a blender but I dont have a blender. All I have is a mixer.
Will that work?


It should work. It may not be the same consistency that a blender would give and it may take a little longer to get it to puree. But there really shouldn't be any problem with using a mixer. =) Hope it goes well for ya!

If you are using fresh tomatoes drop them in boiling water for just a few seconds to remove the skin. Your mixer will not break down the skin of a tomato. You will end up with your soup a little chunkier, but you will be able break them down enough as long as there is no skin. Best of luck to you.

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