Learning how to cook?!

Question: Learning how to cook?
Are there any effective ways to learn to cook available anywhere?


Hi. You can find many products searching the internet for recipe books or something like that. Hope this helps.

What type of forum are you looking to learn from? Classes, books, dvds? Do you have a friend that cooks well and would be willing to give you a few lessons? In some stores, you can buy dvds, but those are usually for, what I call fancy, meals. For beginners, you might want to try grabbing a cookbook with simple recipes in it and just go to town with it! Also, you might want to try something small first, like eggs. Try making a cheese omelet, then next time, try adding one other ingredient. The best way to "learn" how to cook, is really just to get in there and start. You may make a few mistakes, but everyone does... even those of us who have been cooking most of our lives! Good luck!

trial and error. Watch the heat, don't cook everything on high, watch the salt, you can always add more, but you can't take it out. Watch the time, too short of a time, it's not cooked, too long and it's burnt. One good rule is that when you can smell it, its just about done. and have two cutting boards, one for meat and the other for veggies, keep them separate to avoid contamination. Best of luck to you!

www.cooks.com is a great source of recipes and methods for any average joe, to your more advanced members of the culinary society. Also many blogs have people who show a good recipe and step by step instructions on how to do them! Also, like I tell my wife all the time, just try! The worst that happens is you make something nasty, learn from your mistakes and try again tomorrow!

Buy a general cookbook and read it. A good one that is easy and fun to read is The New Doubleday Cookbook by Jean Anderson. It is available on Amazon. The link to purchaes is below.


Hi, I found a useful website which might able to help you. This website have more than 500 recipes. Is an easy to follow and delicious food cooking method.


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