Going to make fettuccine Alfredo? ?!

Question: Going to make fettuccine Alfredo? ?
I want to use our parmesan cheese which doesn't expire until July of this year, but the back of the package says, use within 14 days of opening. I opened it about a month or two ago, does this mean that I have to throw it out?? :/


That's just the manufacturers way of selling more product.
It doesn't suddenly go bad, it will just be degraded slightly.

no, especially if its a chunk, but even if it is shredded you can keep nice cheese for ages, especialy firm ones like parmesan, and if it has a bit of mold, who cares just a little but of extra flavor, seriously

Ive heard some chefs say once you cut into the cheese it starts to die, litterly the moment you insert your knife, and then others who have a hunk and will slice off the molded outer drier shell and toss it in the dish

There's no substitute for freshly grated parmesan cheese, but if you're just making it for yourself, or for people who just aren't very picky about their food, the stuff in the can might work in a pinch. It's hard to tell when the stuff in the can goes stale, because it tastes stale to me as soon as I open the can.

If you had it in the refrigerator, I don't see why it wouldn't still be good.

it should be ok


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