HELP! what should i make my boyfriend for dinner?!

Question: HELP! what should i make my boyfriend for dinner?
He is coming over tomorrow night and so far, i have for an appetizer: shrimp and cocktail sauce, for the entree: four cheese ravioli in red sauce and a bed of basil, and for dessert: apple pie.
I think I am good with everything except I don't think he will enjoy the shrimp idea so i am trying to find another appetizer choice. IF YOU KNOW OF ANY GREAT APPETIZER RECIPES that are not salad (he doesn't like salad:/) but are still relatively light (because i think we are already having a heavy dinner as is), your input is greatly appreciated. oh and for drinks (since we don't drink alcohol), i have sparkling cider, water, and anything else that i can find in my fridge. My sister and i will be going to the store, so we can basically get anything but i really want to be able to cook and make this meaningful. Thanks again in advance!


Your dinner ideas sound great! Too bad he's not a shrimp fan. You might consider an antipasta platter that might include some or all of the following:

1. Marinated veges: artichoke hearts, mushrooms, giardinera
2. Sliced salumi's: sopressata, fennel salami, capocolla
3. Cheese: provolone, aged parmesan, Fontina
4. Olive medley
5. Pepperoncini
6. Baguette or crackers

You might also consider:

Hot artichoke dip with crackers or french bread dippers
French baguette slices topped with gorgonzola and a drizzle of honey. Broil until melted.
Foccacia with olives and cheese

For drink ideas, I might consider Italian Sodas: Torrani Flavored Syrup (my favorite is Raspberry) with Sparkling Water and Lime.

How about some hummus with veggies and pita bread. Or Bruchetta, it's very easy to make, just type in Bruchetta and you will get a lot of recipies, and it goes with your itallian raviolis, you can add chicken too if you don't want it to be just bread and the Bruchetta.

put the shrimp on a bed of spinach leaves and slice cherry tomatoes in half and add some hardboiled egg quarters. Have a lovely dressing such as Raspberry Hazelnut Vinegarette. See if he won't change his mind about salads!!

He needs to learn to eat green stuff for good health. His mother has not done you any favors by omitting salads and other green leafy foods.

Sliced cheese of different kinds on Club crackers. I would go with spiced cream cheese like Boursin, smooth cheddar, and/or smoked ghouda. It really is good and is very simple.

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