Are snack wraps good for you?!

Question: Are snack wraps good for you?
- honey mustard

Will it really harm you if you eat about 2 a week


Assuming you mean they are from McDonald's, two grilled honey mustard snack wraps have:

520 calories
18 grams fat (28% of daily amount)
1600 mg sodium (66% of daily amount)
2 grams fiber (8% of daily amount)

They are not the "worst" fast food on the planet but they are very high in salt and low in fiber. On the day you eat them make sure you eat lots of fruits/veggies and not a lot of other salty/fatty crap.

No, of course it wont harm you.

There a good balanced meal, as long as you dont put too much unhealthy stuff in it (or treat yourself-what the hell!).

Grilling is one of the healthiest ways of cooking :)

no lol i dont think so

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