How to Store Cooked Beetroot?!

Question: How to Store Cooked Beetroot?
Im cooking beetroot (boiling it sliced), how can do I store it after it is cooked?


It will be good for only 3 days and then it must be thrown out. Nothing lasts forever in the fridge.

You could also make pickled beets, harvard beets, beet relish, borscht.... you could freeze some of them for later for soup - borscht is a wonderful soup. I also like a beet and orange salad. sliced beets and slices of fresh peeled oranges with a vinaigrette dressing using veg oil, a touch of sugar and some orange juice, salt and pepper.

A goat cheese and beet and potato salad. Microwave the scrubbed potatoes, slice them, put them on top of assorted salad greens with slices of cooked beets and then some crumbled goat cheese on top with a raspberry dressing. MMMMMM.


In the refrigerator, covered.

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