What is the best way to eat shrimp?!

Question: What is the best way to eat shrimp?
Ok, so here is the thing.... I LOVE SHRIMP! I love shrimp in garlic butter, shrimp that has been fried, shrimp in a quesadilla and shrimp that has been barbecued. Most importantly, I love shrimp with Alfredo sauce and noodles. My girlfriend doesn't eat shrimp, so she can't answer this for me, and I need to know... What is the best way to eat shrimp? I've tried it so many ways and I am still not sure.

So... what is the best way to eat shrimp?!


lightly poached/boiled/steamed and then chilled, served with a citrus sauce
marinated and grilled
shrimp gumbo, made with shrimp stock.

You can REALLY taste the shrimp in these dishes, believe me.

You're making my mouth water, because shrimp is my favorite food hands down. I love it fried with fried oysters the best, with plenty of catchup and tartar sauce. My man likes it best sauteed in butter with some garlic. I've had a seafood quiche with crab and shrimp, shrimp and pasta dishes at restaurants. BBQ shrimp sounds insanely good. You can make a shrimp salad with boiled shrimp, mayo, celery and green onion. I like boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Forrest Gump" but there's a part in there where Forrest's army buddy goes on and on about the different ways to prepare shrimp, lol. I remember this one line too, "Shrimp is the fruit of the sea." Yes, it IS.

Well, there is shrimp scami! Or shrimp with rice! And then there is the shrimp taco. Bbq or fry shrimp and add in soft/hard taco shell with fruit, rice and veggies! Shrimp dumplings, fried shrimp,shrimp lasanga, shrimp with spaghetti, in macaroni salad, or in macaroni and cheese, wrapped in bacon, shrimp tempura, shrimp sushi, shrimp in a panini, in a parmesan plate with alfredo andwhite rice..topped with the parmesan that is, and shrimp cakes!


It's personal preference. Fried shrimp is always good and so is shrimp in garlic butter.

Shrimp tacos are also good, you could try that.

Blackened or in Low Country Boil.



shrimp, dipped in hot butter and garlic, and a slice of real lemon juice hanging on the side of the hot garlic butter.

with your hands and mouth, lol joking, fried popcorn shrimp, shrimp scampi, steamed,

There is no bad way; grasp them by the tail.
Simple is best; sautéEd in garlic & butter.

Alfredo Sauce, noodles and shrimp is so rock star!!!

Cocktail shrimp is the best!

I love a shrimp burrito.

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