low cal lunch and dessert for the "mommy" group coming over later?(plus BQ's)?!

Question: Low cal lunch and dessert for the "mommy" group coming over later?(plus BQ's)?
so im 14 and my sister who is 22 is a member of this "mommy" group and on thursdays they all go to one persons house and then friday to like the park or... uh some other place kids under 2 like? but some days just the moms go out and we younger siblings/sons/daughters babysit the kids. its actually pretty fun :) so anyways my point is I always make them lunch and stuff when they come to out house so... low cal lunches that's good for about 10 people? and maybe a good healthy-ish cookie recipe?

BQ) if im 14, is it weird that I get along so well with all the moms, who are all about 20-30? I mean why do I enjoy talking about baby stuff, and pregnancy, and all that? is it weird bc my friends l think im crazy...
BQ2) where else would the kids enjoy going? (they are all under 2, except one 4 year old and a little girl about to turn 3)


just make a large bowl of salad, and on a separate plate have a selection of ham and cheese so they can add what they want to their salads. here's an oatmeal cookie recipe -


BQ1 - getting along with a mix of different people, even if they are older than you, is an advantage. it's not weird. it means you have good people skills.

BQ2 - stick with the park. it's good for all the age ranges and you can keep an eye on them all.

ok well u need to buy evry fruit there is or less and grab a blender and put it in a boddle and tghen put a little bit of sugar thats the drink and than u take the left over frut put it on the plate persisley whick means neat and then sprinkle sugar on the sides in a littel all over it not to much.

Why aren't you in school?

What about making little tea sandwiches? Like cucumber, cream cheese and dill; or turkey, cranberry, and cream cheese; or hummus, carrots, and zucchini. Cut off the crust and then cut the sandwiches into quarters. Super easy to make but looks cute.

For dessert, YoCrunch yogurts are low calorie and soo yummy! The 100-calorie packs come in flavors like cheesecake with graham crackers or cookies'n'cream with Oreo.

Check out all the great flavors at http://www.yocrunch.com


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