Whats a really good and healthy smoothie recipe?!

Question: Whats a really good and healthy smoothie recipe?
Hello!.. So i just got a new blender..and im looking for HEALTY smootie recipes:)...i dont really like anything chunky it it tho..and i dont like blueberries:) either than that anythings good!


I loove smoothies they make my day! And are a GREAT and healthy snack. Dont fear, you have a PROFESSONAL on youre hands. lol.
Well, a banana smoothie is always good. Add a banan in the blender, add a 1/2c. or 1c. of milk. (I usually use skim or 1% becuase there is less fat, but recently I got an organic soymilk that is vanilla flavoured! really makes the flavor!) and add I in there. Then I add ice cubes and a tsp. of vanilla extract. YUMMEH!
Another one I like is to add frozen blueberries (or any berry) in there and the same milk with ice cubes and mango slices. If you dont have mango, no fear, just add anotehr diffren sweet fruit like apples! then blend. Ice cream is optional. If you like ice cream in there add a tbsp. or vanilla ice cream or not.
take orange slices and add as many as you like in there and them add the same milk and a tbsp. of yogurt and blend! >:D
you will be surprised, but banana andpenut butter is a good blend. (at least for me) but its not as healthy!
Just have fun with it!
And expeirment!


Good and healthy smoothie recipe.

Berry Gritty Teeth

1. 3 large silverbeet (chard) leaves
2. 1 Banana
3. 1 punnet of Strawberries
4. 1 punnet of Raspberries
5. 2 tbsp linseeds
6. 2 tbsp sunflower seeds
7. 1 tbsp spirulina
8. Enough water to get the blender going
9. 3 ice cubes.

frozen vanilla yogurt/or ice cream, add some milk, glazed strawberries, and some angle food cake, cut in bites and put it all in your blender and add a cup of milk..drizzle a glass with some Hershey's chocolate syrup, and you have a strawberry shortcake smoothie. you can put a few cookies in the blender with the yogurt and milk, and have whatever flavor it is that your cookie is..Oatmeal would be a good one to try..or Peanut Butter..apples or any fruit will do..Kiwi is another good fruit.

Straight up fruit milk and ice any fruit combo you like really tho I wouldn't suggest pomagranit or kiwi they have lots of seeds but pretty much don't put too much milk or ice in but just estimate what looks good or taste good no measurments it's very healthy compared to some people who add sugar and icecream it tasts just as good tho furor has lots of natural sugar in it none needs to be added

Honestly you don't need the milk. I made smoothies with a banana, Ice a splash of apple juice frozen strawberries any fruit with a similar texture would work. And it always gave plenty of energy.

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