Bread past it's sell-by-date safe to eat?!

Question: Bread past it's sell-by-date safe to eat?
My bread is 4 days out of date, is it safe to dry my 2 loaves and then make them into breadcrumbs?

If possible can someone tell me to make them into crunchy breadcrumbs,

Thanx people.


If there's no mold, the bread is still good. Stick it in the food processor and then into the oven for a couple of minutes to create that crunchiness. I also like to cut them into cubes to make croutons for my salad. Also, create a butter and ground garlic spread on the bread and stick them in the oven for good garlic bread. I do that with leftover hotdog and hamburger buns too and the kids love it. Yummy!

Shelf life of bread over a long time, then will be long-haired child ~ ~ ~ Oh, that time is really eat diarrhea.
As you buy the shelf life of only one day this should be a cake like it, it was the fridge in the ah, but you can now put into the fridge, no diarrhea at two to three days, but oh the taste will be affected ~ ~ ~

If the weather now, three days and is absolutely no problem, but,,,, depends on the bread you bought is valid and has not brought the kind of easy to have a bad salad dressing or stuffing ah ah about her.

unless you physically see mold on the bread it should be safe to eat. Examine it, your senses are a better indicator of a foods freshness than some silly number stamped on a bag.

Sometimes I buy a lot of bread because it is on sale and freeze it, when I do eat it it is past the expiration date but since it was frozen and sealed it is perfectly fine to eat.

As long as there's no mold it's fine.

For crunchy breadcrumbs, toast the bread slowly in an oven until completely dry before crumbling.

Yep, it's all good as long as there's no mold on the bread.

it should be fine as long as it does not have mold on it.


unless it is stale or moldy then u can eat it

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