Can you use Reynolds Wrap when you're baking cookies?!

Question: Can you use Reynolds Wrap when you're baking cookies?
I'm in the mood to make cookies this weekend, but the cookie sheet I have isn't in the best condition. I thought I would line it with non-stick Reynolds Wrap, but I'm not sure if they would bake as well as they would without it.


Yes, you can use the foil but the suggestion of parchment paper is far better. The foil will affect the quality of the cookie. (The bottoms may crisp & burn very easily.) Get the parchment paper and the bonus is that clean up will be a breeze!

Okay, I just want to make sure were talking about the same thing, you absoutley can line a baking sheet with Reynolds foil paper. Remember, food goes on the non-shiny side, so put the shiny side down against the pan. For most cookie recipies it will recommend you dont use any kind of cooking spray (like crisco, pam, etc). I just want to make sure youre not considering the plastic wrap (reynolds makes that too) - Im sure youre not, but then again...wanted to mention it just incase. You cant put plastic wrap in the oven bc it will melt and stick to your food. Once again, Im sure you know that but then, there are cooks on here asking questions at all different experience levels, so I like to give out as much info as possible just in case its a really inexperienced cook Im talking to. Hey, theres no such thing as a dumb question, if you dont know, you just simply dont know, so I never take anything for granted when answering. Im sure Ive asked things that someone whose an expert in the area said...OMG, is she serious right now??!!

Good luck, homemade cookies sound great!!

if the cookie sheet is clean it is in perfect condition.
'The blackened cookie sheets actually bake better and more evenly than the shiny ones because the black absorbs the heat.
You also don't need to grease them unless the recipe indicates to do so.
Remember, folks made great cookies long before foil, non stick cookie sheets and parchment paper was ever invented.

Yep! You could even use it instead of a cookie sheet if you were so inclined (although that does affect cookie quality a little bit--just a tip for if you ever get into a situation where you HAVE to have cookies and can't find a cookie sheet anywhere)!

Yes, you can, but parchment paper absorbs the grease and the cookies get crunchier.

Yes, use it shiny side up.

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