What should i make to eat?!

Question: What should i make to eat?
Ok so it's almost 2 am and I'm awake and very hungry. My mom is asleep and I don't want to be too loud so I can't make a huge meal or w.e. But here is what I have

Ramen noodles
Cheddar cheese
Chicken broth
And some vegetables
And chicken strips.

I guess it sounds like a lot but I'm picky :)
Anyway thnx in advanced


make noodles with all the ingredients
boil noodles till they boil add potatoes cheddar cheese(remember to grate) chicken broth capers lettuce vegetables and chicken strips and saute them
then add the noodles
u can even make some tea with the milk

If you have rice in the house, you can just some up on the stove with a little bit of water (I think they say that you should have 1/3 the amount of rice that you have water?). Just heat it up on medium until it soaks up all the water, which should take about 20 minutes, then add some milk and eat it like cereal. If you have some cinnamon or brown sugar you can add a smidget in there too, it's 7 kinds of delicious.

If it were me, I'd probably do that. Or, I would just take some chicken strips if they are already cooked, steam up some veggies and eat it, or just lazily slather some kind of sauce on it or something.

... well damn, I'm just not that creative unless I'm awake at 4am :|

Well the frist thing to do is to have a drink of milk so your not so hungry. Cook some onion and some vegetables and the chicken strips and serve with the noodles. Or just eat the chicken strips

You can boil water, put the tea in the water after cooking for a moment.

ramen noodles.

easy to make and won't wake anyone up.

just boil the water.


I think you can make noodles. Its easy and be ready fast.Try it..

mix veges with noodles

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