I need a recipe for carnitas!?!

Question: I need a recipe for carnitas!?
We get them often at a Mexican grocery, but I want to try to make my own. I have googled recipes, but they're all different. I am not sure which one is more authentic. Help!


Buy a pork shoulder (sometimes called a pork butt, but it is still a shoulder) and roast it at 250* to 300* F. for 3 to four hours. You can put a little water in the bottom of the roasting pan if you like, but don't cover the meat. Leave the fat side of the roast on top, so the fat will baste the meat as it melts.
After the pork is cooked, cut it up and make a verde sauce to put over it. You'll find recipes all over the place for verde sauce. Just pick one that sounds good.
An alternative way to prepare the pork is to cut it up into small pieces before you cook it. If all else fails, ask your grocer how they cook their carnitas.

so number the recipes and put the numbers in a bowl and pick one and cook it. then do another tomorrow until you find which recipe you like best.

I love carnitas but do not prepare them at home.

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