Is a week too long for baked goods?!

Question: Is a week too long for baked goods?
I have to make baked goods for next Friday and actually feel like cooking for once. Would they not be fresh enough if I made some sort of cookies (what kind would hold up best?) and some buckeyes? How would they last for a week? Thanks!


As long as they don't have mold on them, they're fine. They won't taste as fresh if you bake them a week prior to the occasion, but if you freeze them, you can defrost them the day before and they should be fine.

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They shouldn't be if they're kept someplace where they wouldn't get stale or moldy.

(For the person who asked, Buckeyes are cookies made with peanut butter and chocolate; the peanut butter is rolled into a ball and half of it is covered in chocolate. My family makes them all the time, though I haven't had any in years.)

Yes, a week is much too long for home cooked baked food as you will not be adding artificial additives and preservatives. You will have to make your food on Thursday night and leave it to cool overnight. Sorry this isn't the answer to want to hear.

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yeah they will be fine

answer mine?

Don't know what buckeyes are, but most cookies can be frozen with no problem. I've served some that were months old.

They should. They did for me

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