What can substitute mayo when making ranch?!

Question: What can substitute mayo when making ranch?
I'm using the packet of hidden valley and I don't want to use mayonnaise. What can I use instead? Can I use water and sour cream? Please help!


sour cream, light sour cream, or if your willing to sacrifice flavor for healthiness. plain yogurt dosnt do a bad job either. to be honest my mom always uses sour cream

I wouldn't completely cut out the mayo, but maybe cut back and use more sour cream. And use milk, not water if you're making the dressing, not the dip.

If you're making it as a dip, use all sour cream, not mayo or milk.

You can use Miracle Whip...

You can use a tub of sour cream (don't add extra water) to make ranch dip. Won't have the same flavor as ranch dressing...but it'll have a ranch veggie dip taste.

Cool Whip

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