Can I Make Almond Butter Crunch Without the Almonds?!

Question: Can I Make Almond Butter Crunch Without the Almonds?
The recipes has butter, sugar, corn syrup, and almonds that you boil and peel. I don't like almonds though, can I still make the candy without the almonds?


Yes, most definitely. Just remember to call it Butter Crunch.

Hazelnuts aka filberts are tasty, try Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans,etc. or even peanuts - buy the shelled an peeled ones or use the spanish peanuts and don't peel them!

substitute in a different nut and it becomes Pecan Butter Crunch, Walnut Butter Crunch, or whatever you like. Note: those are softer more oily nuts than the almonds so they won't need boiled as long.

You can, but then it woudld not be Almond Butter crunch. Duh.....

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