Hazelnut spread from Germany? NOT nutella.?!

Question: Hazelnut spread from Germany? NOT nutella.?
So, back in 2003 I went to northern Germany on a back to back trip and fell in love with this hazelnut spread,not nutella nor did it contain any chocolate, just regular hazelnut sandwich spread. I really would like to find it and possibly order it. I could of swore it started with a Y and comes in like a peanut butter jar. Not sure if it is from Germany, but obviously within Europe. If anybody knows please help me out! =)


there is a German product called Nuss Fit, which is a hazelnut spread
it DOES contain chocolate

there is also Zentis Nusspli Nuss Nouga, which is German, not sure if it has any chocolate

not sure why everyone is saying nutella... which you said wasn't it, and that's from Italy anyway


There is an Italian one catted Nutino. The writing of the ingredients is too small to see by me, but I can't make out a word that might say chocolate.

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