BLT soup, what are your reviews on it?!

Question: BLT soup, what are your reviews on it?
I'm kinda on the fence about trying to make Paula Deen's BLT soup, it looks good but I am not so sure about the lettuce part. Has anyone tried this?


Just read the recipe and I agree about the lettuce. I would certainly not cook it for as long as Paula's recipe says., I would add shredded ice burg lettuce toward the very end of the cooking time. I have often placed shredded or chopped raw spinach or lettuce in a soup bowl and added hot broth plus pasta and/or chicken. The slightly crisp greens really adds a nice texture to the soup.

Girl, I just looked it up and that sounds very unappealing. Mayo, heavy cream AND sour cream along with the bacon is too heavy. Put the lettuce and diced tomato on thirty second before serving.

EDIT-I mean you sprinkle the lettuce and tomato on the top of the soup right before serving.

I just looked at in at the I thought the entire recipe look unappetizing but that could just be my taste. I would NOT like the iceberg lettuce. I would use baby spinach instead.

Good luck sweetie. You're going to need it.

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