What to do with leftover basmati rice?!

Question: What to do with leftover basmati rice?
I have tons of basmati rice (cooked) and I wanna use it up. I found a recipe for basmati fried rice but I want more ideas.


try wrapping it in grape leaves or cabbage and maybe add some ground beef in the middle as well.

make a spinich salad with purple onions, eggs, bacon crumblets, grape tomatoes, basmati rice, and cheese. add some light italian dressing!
you can eat it with buttered rolls and potatoe soup!

nom nom nom xD i wanna make some now!
hope i helped!

It would be great in stir fry! If you go to the store and buy a frozen stir fry mix you can cook it on the stove and lay it over basmati rice! it would be delicious!

put a little sugar and cinnamon on it

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