is okra with bread a good meal?!

Question: Is okra with bread a good meal?

It is fine as long as the Okra was cooked with a healthy oil, like olive, vegetable or canola oil. Of course, boiled okra is fine too. You might want to add some cheese or beans to your meal to give you the protein components.

well here in the middle east where im from, we make a stew with okra..
we saute up a little bit of onion and garlic in some olive oil.. then if you like, add some beef or lamb cubes, (you can leave it all veggie).. t hen toss in a can of crushed tomatoes, soem tomato paste, a cup of water. a cube of vegetable boullon (or can of vegetable broth instead of the water).. then some mixed middle eastern spices (2 tablespoons of curry powder is ok).. then juice from one lemon, a dash of tobasco sauce or your fav red hot sauce.. then toss in a 10oz bag of whole baby frozen okra (not the sliced, but you could use it I suppose).. then cook this for 30 min if not using meat, if using meat, cook the stew 30-40 min till meat is done then toss in okra and cook 20 min more to cook okra..

this will come out very thick and tomaty soupy like and we here in the middle east, eat it with pitta bread.. we scoop up the stew into the bread and eat it.. .. you could just use a huge piece of crusty bread also..

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