Can I make whip cream with heavy cream and sugar?!

Question: Can I make whip cream with heavy cream and sugar?
I need to make homemade whip cream for my homemade chocolate cream pie. I just purchased a pint of heavy cream that costs 3.00. I just realized I should have bought heavy whipping cream. Is it still possible to make whip cream with heavy cream and sugar?

I tried making it with the heavy cream but it is not forming any peaks. Any ideas and thanks ahead of time.


thats how you normally make it....just beat on high with your mixer usually in an ice cold bowl!!!

Anything above 25% is whipping cream 35% is the average, 40-43% is heavy (whipping) cream. In reality, you can even make whipped cream with 18% cream
Ensure your bowl is refreigerated before you pour in the cream. You can use a mixer, but be careful not to over whip, or it will not be good.
I whip by hand with a whisk. You shoudn't need too much sugar

Good luck

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You bought the right stuff. Just add a little sugar and beat away until you get stiff peaks. Beyond that, and you get butter instead of whipped cream.

Whip the cream (on high) and add the sugar slowly.
when it peaks it's ready.

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