How do I BBQ a hamburger ?!

Question: How do I BBQ a hamburger ?
Time per side, direct heat? Things to look for? They are frozen


The purpose for thawing is so that the meat cooks evenly..........Some don't care I guess but I do...

Get the grill or pan really hot. If using lean meat, oil the grill or put a little oil in the pan. Put the burger in and don't move it until it naturally releases. Some people turn it at this point (and then flip again later), and others cook for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on how hot the grill is, the type of meat (leaner meat cooks faster), and how done you want it to be. Then flip the burger and cook on the other side until done, about 2 to 3 minutes more. ...Do not mash down on the patties...................

Wait til they defrost. then just throw it on the grill, i like to put it on direct heat, but you dont have to. put it on grill, dont touch it until you see the top start to ooze juices. then flip the burger again, leave it dont press down on it or anything. then you'll see when its done.

BBQ is technically a slow method of cooking with smoke, in the southern states.
You're probably talking about grilling, which is mistaken for BBQ in the north.
Patties should partially thawed, to make sure centers are cooked through.
If completely thawed, there is a chance of breaking & falling through grill.
Set burners to high, or pile charcoal at cooking surface.
Timing will depend on thickness, so best test is to watch for juices.
When pink juice comes through tops, flip over, wait for clear juices.

1) Thaw them first.
2) Are you really BBQ'ing or are you GRILLING? There's a huge difference. I suspect you're grilling.
3) Low-medium heat, about 5-6 min per side, don't squash them while they're cooking.

Wow the others say to defrost them first, I don't bother with that. They are done when the juices run out clear when you poke them with a knife or fork. I usually end up cutting one in half to see if it looks done...

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