I have a small pork tenderloin roast. Can I slow cook it and make pulled pork from it?!

Question: I have a small pork tenderloin roast. Can I slow cook it and make pulled pork from it?

Buttercup, you know I won't sit on the fence, my answer is no. Not a choice for pulled pork.

How is the little one doing, has she started to settle and tear things apart? lol

I suppose you could, but pulled pork is traditionally made from the pork shoulder, which has a lot of connective tissues and makes the pork suitable for pulling. It also benefits more from a low, slow cook as that is what softens the connective tissues for pulling.

Loin is the best cut of the pig and is best used for steaks and medallions.


If you cooked pork tenderloin to the point that it would shred it would be very dry. I would pan sear it, finish it in the oven, let it rest and then slice it as thinly as I could. Top the slices with bbq sauce if you like, and or cole slaw and serve on a bun. Pork shoulder, or pork butt would be the ideal cut for pulled pork.

Basically yues you can.

But tenderloin is NOT ideal. It has not fat so will not cook down to be tender and juicy. It will be tough And dry and will not dshred easily although you could shred it if you wanted to go thru extra work.

Roast that at a proper temp.

Get a picnicn or shoulder roast or a "butt" wich is actually a should roast for slow cooking.

As long as you keep enough liquid in the slow cooker so it doesn't dry out, I don't see why not. But, you may also try adding some potatoes, carrots, and onion with the meat in the slow cooker and just make a ready made meal. Just make sure you add enough liquid to keep everything juicy and tender.

yes you can cook it slow do no it won't pull apart. it is a cut of meat that won't pull apart. if you really wanted something that pulls easily it;s the pork but or boston butt as some places label it

meat manager

No, it doesnt have enough fat to last through the braising, you need to cook it high and fast

definitely.. cook half way then add bbq sauce and cook the rest of the way.. then shred it and make great sandwiches!!

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