Should I put homemade whip cream on my chocolate cream?!

Question: Should I put homemade whip cream on my chocolate cream?
I just made whip cream for my chocolate cream pie. Should I put the cream directly on the pie or should I put it on when I am ready to serve it? Also, if I did put it on the pie ahead of time, would it get runny and thin?

Also, another question? Should I put saran wrap on the top of the pudding to avoid any skin from developing?


It is always best to put whip cream right before serving because it wil get runny. Putting saran wrap on the pie will prevent the the skin from forming, I always do that with chocolate pudding that I put on top of my cheesecake.

put the whipped cream on directly after and put saran wrap around it

I thought this was a sexual question, how disappointing.

whip cream when you serve the pie
and yes on the wrap

yes when you serve it

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