High end restaurant foods?!

Question: High end restaurant foods?
I am doing a project for my design class, where I need to create a menu for a themed high-end restaurant. It's called city of thieves, and all of the menu items are going to be named after that. Of course, the actual food items themselves are to be continental, but high end and not something you can just get anywhere.

Does anyone know a site where I can find some really nice recipes for high end restaurant foods? With complete ingredients/descriptions, it would be the greatest thing ever.

Thank you in advance!


I use this all the time for actual recipes!

I can't help you with a legitimate answer, but with a name like that you could have a lot of fun.

You could put really high prices on really inexpensive foods and call them over the top names.

For example: Le oeufs brouille avec le pain rotir $25.00 (scrambled eggs with toast)

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