Any good easy good chicken breast recipes?!

Question: Any good easy good chicken breast recipes?
I am running out of ideas and whenever I ask hubby what he wants he says: "whatever you want' Which doesn't help.

I have some seasoning like salt, pepper, chilli pepper, garlic, onion, thyme, adobe seasoning, parsley ...

So far we'd done simple baked chicken, parmesan chicken, pan grilled chicken, jerk chicken, cheese and chicken stuffed chicked ..........


Just broil them on low. Only this time brush on a mix of olive oil and fresh ground Orange & Lemon pepper. You, and he, will notice a huge difference. I'm a guy and hate "wet" chicken too. Butterfly the breast for the last 5-6 minutes of broiling. Hold his chicken breast on a cutting board with a fork and slice it sideways. It will look like butterfly wings. Now put some more olive oil with Orange & Lemon pepper on the cut faces.He wants it dry and a little chewy.

Chicken chili
Teriyaki and grilled
chicken adobo (not adobe, not the same thing)
Fried, stuffed with herbs and butter (Chicken Kiev)
Hawaiian (with pineapple)
Cubed, breaded, fried (chicken nuggets! Make your own sauces to go with)
Sweet and Sour, use rice flour to make tempura batter, chicken in small pieces, fried. Make or buy Sweat and Sour sauce
Chicken pot pie... very easy. Enough chicken breasts to make your normal meal... cream of chicken soup... frozen succotash. Cut chicken into small pieces, cook in pan with little oil just until the pink is gone. Add cooked chicken, soup, and succotash to appropriate casserole or cake pan. Cover with either can of biscuits, or from mix like Jiffy Mix. Bake until tops of biscuits are done!

Just about any recipe you can think of, you can make chicken fit in if you try.

EDIT: Jeeze lady, just throw it on a kabob and call it good if you are going to be that damn picky.

There are a few really nice flavors for can find them in marinades, salad dressings, dipping sauces...etc. For best flavor, grill or broil.

You can do a dry rub with Tony's or other cajun seasoning.
You can do ginger, lime, and sesame.
You can do pineapple/mango/papaya with jalapeno.
You can do balsamic vinegar.
You can do tequila, chipotle and lime juice.
You can do bourbon with pecan crust.
You can do italian dressing.
You can do honey mustard.

You can also do a stir fry or a soup. Chicken tortilla soup is really good.

fried chicken, with white country gravy and mash potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls with honey/butter, and green beans, coleslaw, or salad.

Bake it in salt pepper and evolution.
And make a sauce with capers,garlic,lemon,and butter

That's what I'm making.

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