Ideas on how to decorate an angel food cake (bundt)?!

Question: Ideas on how to decorate an angel food cake (bundt)?
I want it to taste (and look) nice...I have a pack of fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze. No whip cream. Any ideas on the best way? Cut the strawberries...decorate? ...should mix the berries with some sugar so they can get nice and sweet? Best way to pour the glaze?
I don't want to have to decorate the slice everytime so no suggestions on self serve..etc. This is a cake for hubby and not guests etc.
I just need good suggestions so I don't make it look like a mess.

Thanks alot!



do you have any honey or icing (powdered) sugar? I love combining honey and icing sugar together to make a glaze and pour or spoon it over the cake :)


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