OK it's stupid but what are hot dogs made out of?!

Question: OK it's stupid but what are hot dogs made out of?
I was eating my hot dog the other day, when it came to me. What where hot dogs made from? I'm not eating another hot dog untill I find out! You may think 'Oh that's a really dumb question' or 'It's so easy' but think about it. People tell me chicken parts, Dog ____ (not gonna say it for you people eating while reading this) and Us.


Hot dogs are made of chihuahuas, yorkies, and dachsunds. No, just kidding. But they are made of miscellaneous parts of the pig that cannot be cut into sellable loins, chops, etc... I've heard that some companies use parts I don't want to think about, but I don't know for sure. Rest assured that if it says pork, it's pork. But read your labels, b/c each brand will vary in what they include. They do have to tell you in the label what's in the hot dog...Read the labels. Enjoy.

It depends on who makes them and where they are made. There are laws here in the United States that govern what types of meat can be sold for human consumption and how they can be prepared, so although hot dogs are usually made from less-desirable cuts of chicken, pork and beef, they are not dogs, or anything truly disgusting.

That depends on what brand you eat. Hebrew National are Kosher. Only beef and the front half of the cow. More expensive dogs are made from better cuts of meat. Most are a mix of chicken and/or turkey with pork. You can buy all chicken, all turkey,all beef dogs even in the cheap brands like Bar-S.

I work in the meat dept of a grocery store.

Lips, ears, noses, eye lids, any other parts they can't sell for anything else.

The parts of beef,pork, and chicken that would not otherwise be eaten.But they sure are good.

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