What to have for breakfast?!

Question: What to have for breakfast?
I dont hva eany bread so I cant make toast
I dont have any good cereals that I sould want
I would make pancakes...But I SUCK at making them
I dont have english muffins
I dont have much really..Help? Thank you


fruit smoothies
fruit alad with yoghurt/ice cream/cream
left over dinner? (my faourite is pizza/pasta or cold cooked potatoes)
hot chocolate
yoghurt with honey
crackers with cheese
banana with PB
coffee and a banana
yoghurt with fruit

List what you do have... Try to find a person who used to cook for the military.
Make pancake best way to get better is to keep trying and learn what when wrong while making them.

eggs, bacon, omlette, sausage, oatmeal,

my favorites :D

Get some Pop Tarts. They are easy to prepare and very wholesome.

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