can i cook a lamb joint from frozen?!

Question: Can i cook a lamb joint from frozen?


Yes you can cook a frozen joint, its better if you defrost it, but it is quite possible to cook it frozen, just cook it about an hour longer than usual, and start it off at a slightly lower temp that you might normally do it, turn the temp up after 60 minutes, check it with a meat thermometer or a skewer at the end to make sure its cooked right through. If you dont have a meat thermometer if you skewer the joint and the juices run clear it is cooked, if its still red its underdone.

Done it many times before.

No, all the books and cook books suggest that it gets defrosted for 24 hrs, reason being so it cooks right through and not left with a frozen centre. Ovens cook from the outside in but if you fancy chansing it you will have to cook it longer possibly first at a low heat before cranking it up!!

Ive cooked chicken from frozen. If you have the oven on low for a long time it should cook right through. I just dont know about the low heat not killing worms etc but maybe thats not a problem in red meat.

I don't know if you can cook it, but it can help if you have an unfaithful spouse. Great short story about a frozen leg of lamb is "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl. Very clever!

no,, it wont cook through,, the outside will look cooked but the inside wont be,, run it under tap water for awhile and that should thaw it out fearly fast..


The only danger is that by the time the center defrosts and cooks to temperature, the outside may be dry and overcooked.

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