How do i cook a brook trout?!

Question: How do i cook a brook trout?
I got 4 brook trout how do i cook them. I know there are a lot of ways i just want to know one any way really. Please do it step by step. Thanks


the best way is pan fried;
dry the fish with paper towels then season with salt and pepper on the inside and out. heat 1/4 inch depth of oil in a skillet that is large enough for your fish when the oil is hot gently add the fish. brown and turn only once. the fish is done in a matter of 5 minutes or so you can tell by the color and also the meat will flake if poked with a fork. serve with lemon and melted butter. Enjoy!

Rub the knife forward across the skin to remove the scales. Cut the head off and the tail. Slice underneath the fish, and clean out the guts. You may want to take some of the bone out if you can do this without removing meat. Fry it in a skillet --- use some butter in the pan and/or water.
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filet leaving skin on, bake. season maybe with butter...pepper....lemon....salt...maybe a little dill.

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