can you fry a smoked salmon slices?!

Question: Can you fry a smoked salmon slices?
hey, i was wondering if i can fry smoked salmon slices and add some spices on it?

thanks in advance


You could if you wished but they are best eaten as you get them, they are already cooked.

Personally I think you are spoiling them and at the price you pay for them it isn't worth it.

They are cooked in the smoker which heats and cooks while smoking.
They are great when used as they are, as canapes or on bagels with cream cheese.
You can cook them, but they are very thin and they get very dry, and it is not suggested.
You can cut the smoked pieces into smaller pieces and add them to cream cheese and maybe to scrambled eggs for a smokey flavour, but as I say they dry when cooked a second time.

Why would you want to ????

Its already cooked and you really wouldn't want to overload the flavor with a lot of spices

Smoked salmon is already cooked and is best served cold or at room temperature.

yes! go for it! fry away!

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