i really love donuts?!

Question: I really love donuts?
i really love donuts
do you?


Yes. Yes, I really love doughnuts. Thank you for asking?


I'd rather eat some chocolate I found out in my backyard.
Once, my dog must have sat on some cuz it stuck to her butt :/
I just pulled it off, rinsed it, and ate it.

yes i like donuts they are tastty, i like to get donuts from tim hortons. NO WHERE ELSE. lol jk

im in love with donuts and will be enhaging a chocolate glazed donut!

Yes I spell it doughnut however, my favorites ones are crispy kreme original glaze and I love a local bakeries bear claws and eclairs

mmm mmm mmm chocolate glazed!


not really.....i love tacos

Yes, I love them. My favorite is glazed..


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